meiji What is Nutritional Microscopy?

Nutritional Microscopy is an evaluation routinely used by holistic medical, osteopathic, chiropractic and naturopathic physicians, as well as other health care professionals around the world, providing an insightful view of your internal environment, referred to as your "biological terrain".

A nutritional microscopist utilizes a high powered "Meiji" dark field microscope to view a drop of  blood obtained from your fingertip using a sterile lancet.  Examining the live and dry blood cells and plasma under a microscope provides a detailed picture of the condition of your internal environment and how it functions. 


A Certified Nutritional Microscopist (CNM) uses examination of your blood and plasma together with your health history to gather data to answer the following questions:

  • How does the blood picture relate to your current and past health challenges? 
  • What are your nutritional needs, deficiencies, and imbalances? 

 Nutritional Microscopy is NOT a diagnostic test. Nutritional Microscopy is a screening tool used to assist individuals by:

  • Providing an early warning of possible future health challenges
  • Detecting patterns of cellular disorganization
  • Alerting to the need for a medical referral 
  • Monitoring a health challenge before and after adopting an approach to restore health and balance 
  • Determining the effectiveness of various approaches to restoring health and balance 
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