Nutrition Counseling

Personalized Wellness Solutions has the experience and expertise to help you lose weight and adopt a healthier and more energizing diet. Our focus is not to help individuals achieve temporary weight loss but rather to provide the information, tips and techniques that will ensure lifelong weight management success and improved overall health. 

Personalized Wellness Solutions can also help athletes, runners and other active individuals seeking to enhance their diet for optimal performance. We also have extensive training and experience assisting individuals in adopting the pH Miracle diet.

individualNutrition Counseling

*  $60.00**
An initial, in person 1 hour consultation during which your weight loss goals and current diet and eating habits are reviewed. A personalized nutrition plan is developed and supporting educational materials are provided.
phone Monthly Nutrition Counseling 
*  $120.00 per month 
Weekly 30 minute phone counseling sessions during which your food journal is reviewed and feedback, tips and suggestions are provided. The personalized nutrition plan is revised as needed and further supporting educational materials are provided. 
An initial, in person,1 hour consultation is recommended, but not required prior to beginning a Monthly Nutrition Counseling program.
grocery cartGrocery Store Tours  
*  $150.00 
A 1-2 hour tour of your local grocery store, during which you will learn how to read package labels, how to select the best foods, and tips for fast and easy food preparation. Includes recipes and a shopping list of suggested items for a one week meal plan. 
pH miracle bookpH Miracle Nutrition Consultation 
Sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Many of our clients have achieved amazing results with the Alkavorian approach to wellness. The Alkavorian approach was developed by Dr. Robert Young, author of the bestselling book The pH Miracle. Michael Palma has trained with Dr. Young and has been an Alkavorian since 2002. Our 90 minute pH Miracle Nutrition consultation is for those ready to say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, excess weight, aches, pains and disease and say hello to a lean, trim body, renewed  vigor, improved mental clarity and better overall health.
 Forms of Payment Accepted:   
Personal check   
*3% discount for cash payments!    
** For an additional fee, counseling can be provided in your home. Please call for rates!        
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